ecoTRX™ Personalized MPG Apps for Android™

The ecoTRX™ Apps are designed to help you achieve and report more personalized fuel economy levels. ecoTRX apps combine your engine data (available on 1996 and later OBD-II equipped vehicles) with GPS location data, NOAA weather data, and EPA vehicle data to provide personalized and context-aware MPG information during and after your trip. For example, ecoTRX senses when you are driving in city conditions and can report both your MPG and average miles between stops. When ecoTRX senses you are in highway conditions, it reports MPG and average highway speed. ecoTRX can also report total trip fuel price in both modes. 

ecoTRX apps harness the Android Text To Speech (TTS) engine to deliver this personalized MPG information in an audio format to help keep your eyes on the road. ecoTRX apps also let you share and compare fuel economy information with other users of the EPA My MPG site. Reports delivered through the ecoTRX apps can provide more detailed fuel economy metrics that may be used in the future to help other consumers find MPG ratings which more closely match their conditions (i.e. similar A/C usage, mix, highway speeds, city miles per stop, and flat vs. hilly terrain).

ecoTRX Feature Comparison

COMPATIBILITY NOTES: ecoTRX and ecoTRX Pro for Android are compatible with devices running Android version 2.1 through 4.3. ecoTRX and ecoTRX Pro support gasoline engines with Mass Air Flow sensors and OBD-II connectors. The data connection requires an OBD-to-Bluetooth adapter (see our FAQ page for our recommended adapters). To take advantage of all ecoTRX features, the host Android phone needs a mobile network data connection and GPS. If you are unsure whether your engine has a Mass Air Flow sensor, search on a comprehensive auto parts site like

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