ecoTRX™ Personalized MPG App Setup

1) If you have not already paired your OBD Bluetooth device with your Android phone, please follow your OBD device pairing instructions (PIN is usually fixed at 1234).

2) Make sure your Android phone has a data connection, then start the ecoTRX app and select your vehicle type.

3) Go to the ecoTRX App settings screen and select the OBD device you paired in step 1.

4) For longer trips, we recommend using a 12v adapter to power your Android phone as ecoTRX uses GPS and network data connections.

5) After you start your engine, but before you begin driving, tap the ecoTRX "Start a New Trip" button. At the end of your trip, ecoTRX will sense when you have turned off the ignition and stop the trip, or you can manually stop the trip by pressing the Menu button, then select "End Current Trip".